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    G-GEN™ CHPs

    It is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to reduce energy costs and wishing to protect themselves against further increases in the price of electricity. Cogeneration - power to you!....


    G-SOL™ is a renewable energy along with wind, hyrdo, bioenergy and geothermal. Energy generated by G-SOL™ is generated locally, making it highly efficient and an important contribution to a stable....


    Lighting equipment manufactured using light-emitting diodes (LED). G-LED™ is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to reduce energy costs and improve the aesthetic appearance of any building or space. Energy....


    G-EVC™systems reliably power electric vehicles, providing a reduction in transportation costs and a considerable reduction in emissions emitted into the atmosphere over internal combustion vehicles which are powered by fossil....

    Energy News

    Global Medical Manufacturer joins The Energy Revolution™

    A global giant in the manufacture of medical equipment for ostomy, continence, wound, and critical care markets in over 80 countries throughout the world has signed up to The Energy....

    Coventry Business GET Electric Vehicle Charging

    Coventry business, GET Solutions has installed their first electric vehicle charger (EVC) at their UK group head office. The EVC is live and available for staff and visitors to charge....

    The Energy Centre’s Mechanical Build Nears Completion

    The mechanical build of the Energy Revolution’s low-carbon and cost reduction equipment is nearing completion at a leading UK theme park. Part of the sites latest development which includes 66....

    Latest Case Studies

    Holiday Inn: Barnwood, Gloucester

    This 4 star reviewed Holiday Inn has joined The Energy Revolution™ with an installation of a pair G-GEN™ combined power and heat engines. In doing so, the hotel is reducing….

    School reduces energy consumption by 42,500 kWh

    Lillington Nursery & Primary School has reduced its lighting energy by 46% Following an initial meeting at the school to discuss the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting and other….

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