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    G-GEN™ CHPs

    It is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to reduce energy costs and wishing to protect themselves against further increases in the price of electricity. Cogeneration - power to you!....


    G-SOL™ is a renewable energy along with wind, hyrdo, bioenergy and geothermal. Energy generated by G-SOL™ is generated locally, making it highly efficient and an important contribution to a stable....


    Lighting equipment manufactured using light-emitting diodes (LED). G-LED™ is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to reduce energy costs and improve the aesthetic appearance of any building or space. Energy....


    G-EVC™systems reliably power electric vehicles, providing a reduction in transportation costs and a considerable reduction in emissions emitted into the atmosphere over internal combustion vehicles which are powered by fossil....

    Energy News

    Energy Revolution Installation at Alexandra Gate

    Energy Revolution™ plant equipment is being installed at Alexandra Gate Business Park by GET Installation & Maintenance team. The equipment consisting of a 20kW combined heat and power engine, high....

    GET Installation & Maintenance at St Georges Square

    GET Installation & Maintenance (GET IM) has successfully completed a full service and maintenance project on a four-pipe fan coil unit (FCU) HVAC system at St Georges Square in Bristol.....

    G-EVC™ Electric Vehicle Charger Install Begins at Lodge Park

    Work has began at a UK lodge park to install 4x G-EVC™ 11kW fast electric vehicle charging units which feature dynamic load balancing. Each electric vehicle charger can be operated....

    Latest Case Studies

    Holiday Inn: Barnwood, Gloucester

    This 4 star reviewed Holiday Inn has joined The Energy Revolution™ with an installation of a pair G-GEN™ combined power and heat engines. In doing so, the hotel is reducing….

    School reduces energy consumption by 42,500 kWh

    Lillington Nursery & Primary School has reduced its lighting energy by 46% Following an initial meeting at the school to discuss the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting and other….

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