6 Reasons to Rethink Energy

Since COP26 the reasons for change are clear and profound. However, a recent paper by Prof Wim Thiery from Vrije Universitiet Brussel highlights a different framework to assess climate change by using a person’s lifespan instead of two separate time periods. In his paper he compares someone born in the 1960’s with someone who is born in 2020.

The results are staggering, and he discovers younger generations will face “unavoidable impacts that are unmatched by those experienced by older generations” over the course of their lives and are our first five reasons to rethink energy:

Reason 1 – HEATWAVES

A person born in the 60’s is likely to witness 4 heatwave events throughout their lifetime. However, for someone born in 2020, this is expected to be 30+, which is 7.5 times as many.

Prof Will Thiery states “Under continued global warming, extreme events such as heat waves will continue to rise in frequency, intensity, duration, and spatial extent over the next decades…”

Reason 2 –

Someone born in 2020 will see 3.6 times more droughts

Reason 3 –

A person born in 2020 will see 3 times more crop failures

Reason 4 –

Somebody born in 2020 will experience 2.8 times more river floods

Reason 5 –

Someone born in 2020 will experience twice as many wildfires

“…Children born in 2020 will experience a two- to sevenfold increase in extreme events, particularly heat waves, compared with people born in 1960, under current climate policy pledges. Our results highlight a severe threat to the safety of young generations and call for drastic emission reductions to safeguard their future.” Prof Wim Thiery from Vrije Universitiet Brussel.


2021 has been an unprecedented year in terms of the rise in the cost of electricity and gas. But the future is no clearer, in fact analysts are warning 2022 we could see 30% increases in energy prices due to a surge in wholesale prices, a rise in the UK price cap and suppliers going bust, according to a report supplied by Cornwall Insight.


This is further backed up by the European Commissions EU Reference Scenario 2016 (a framework by which energy and environmental policies can be addressed), where they predicted a hike in the cost of electricity for final demand sectors in the UK per €13 per megawatt hour of 115 in 2020 to 178 in 2025, the price then peaks in 2030 until 2035, and then gradually decreases to 168 by 2050.

But current 2021 day ahead prices for electricity already stand at £145/mWh or 168 Euro’s, well on the way to the 2025 €178 figure, but if we look ahead at winter prices, we’re already facing an unparalleled £219/mWh which equals a mind blowing €256, well above the EU reference scenario.


Doing nothing or sticking with traditional energy supplies is no longer an option. It is not helping the planet, future generations, and furthermore, doing nothing is increasingly costing businesses and individuals more with every year that passes.

The right and smart choice is to rethink where you get and how you use energy. Revolutionise your energy options with conservation and green generation technologies and processes. But whatever you decide, don’t be an energy dinosaur…  Embrace change, it’s cheaper, cleaner and more important than ever!


So, join The Energy Revolution™, it can be as easy as switching your energy supply to a green renewable source, reducing your consumption with energy conservation technologies or generate your own net-zero energy and shield yourself from wild fluctuating energy market prices. Need a bit more information first? Download our How to Start Your Energy Revolution Guide

We’ll do all the work; so you can reap all the rewards, but remember…

…it’s in our hands and the decisions we make today!

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