Published: 25 January 2019

Clarks Vehicle Conversions Adopt G-LED™

75% reduction in lighting costs with G-LED™

A busy vehicle conversion specialist from Doncaster which provides an end-to-end service from design to fitting contacted GET Solutions as they wanted to improve the lighting quality across their site and reduce energy costs. They were particularly interested in the funding options, allowing the reduction in kWh from the highly efficient LED lighting to pay for the equipment, installation and generate savings for the firm.

However, the company was in a unique position with the lease on their properties which expired in 3.5 years time. With the company experiencing successive annual growth, they needed to have the flexibility of being able to move to larger premises when the lease ended. Therefore, the normal 5-7 year terms for lighting projects would need to be shortened to allow the company to own the lighting assets before the lease was up.

GET Solutions quickly surveyed the buildings across their site and analysed their lighting and operational profiles to identify current lighting costs and the price of running the new G-LED™ lighting equipment. The sites energy consumption and subsequent savings with G-LED™ needed to be high enough to cover the cost of installation, lighting equipment and generate savings, therefore, justifying the project for the company.

At the time, a Green Business Grant was available from the Carbon Trust for qualifying projects. GET Solutions assisted Clarks with the application and after a short period, the grant was approved which reduced the cost of the project by £4,000. The grant combined with the generated savings enabled the project to fit within a special 3.5-year G-FUND™  term.

With the grant and funding approved, the project fitted with the client’s requirements as the value of the lighting assets would be transferred onto their asset register in time for the 3.5-year lease deadline, and Clarkes instructed GET Solutions to proceed.

GET Solutions installed 251 LED fittings which reduced their lighting costs by an amazing 75%, furthermore, they were also set to benefit from drastically reduced maintenance costs, as the G-LED™ equipment is maintenance-free, so no need for replacement lamps, or labour/lifting equipment.