Published: 10 December 2019

Multi-million-pound food company seek G-LED™ lighting solution

Specialist G-LED™ equipment saves the day.

A multi-million-pound manufacturer of dips, deli fillers and soups based in Wales contacted GET Solutions to assist with replacing some of their specialists LED lights.

Being a food production business, the new LED products needed to be robust and have a very high specification in order for them to perform in the hardest and cleanest of environments. Of particular importance was the temperature tolerance of the units as they needed to withstand a large range and very high temperatures.

Additionally, the sanitization process at the site is so stringent, that the equipment needed to be able to withstand being physically brushed down with detergent. Such a regular and deep clean doesn’t lend itself to the usual IP rated fittings for food production areas which traditionally use stainless steel fixing brackets, as the brackets would ‘ping’ off as they were being brushed.

With the benefit of having some very prestigious manufacturer and supply partners, GET Solutions was able to match the required specifications and supply the LED equipment to the factory in Wales and continues to work with the company.