Published: 6 January 2020

School reduces energy consumption by 42,500 kWh

Lillington Nursery & Primary School has reduced its lighting energy by 46%

Following an initial meeting at the school to discuss the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting and other Energy Revolution services, an initial survey was carried out to identify the footprint of the site and the existing lighting infrastructure.

The results of the survey enabled the team to identify the School’s current operational lighting and maintenance costs and compare this against the cost of operating with LED lights. The results highlighted the potential benefits of upgrading the lighting to LED and changing their current energy supply contracts to the school. Subsequently, a detailed survey was arranged to identify the sizes of classrooms and other learning areas to model and measure ambient lighting and glare levels in order to provide the best environment for learning within the brief of reducing operational costs.

The lighting upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting not only improved the quality of light across the school, but it also reduced the amount of kWh’s used by lighting by 46%, saving approximately 42,500 kWh per year. The LED lighting also eased the load on the school’s caretaker and reduced the annual maintenance budget by circa £2,000.

The challenge was installing the equipment during a school term without disrupting any pupil/teacher daily routines. In order to achieve this, the installation teams worked closely with the school and the caretaker to install the products over a number of weekends leading up to and then during the Christmas Holidays.