Published: 20 July 2022

The Energy Revolution™ at 32 Apartments in Nuneaton

Works is progressing at speed at the former split level factory site, just half a mile from the town centre of Nuneaton in Warwickshire.
The 32 apartments development will be powered and heated by Energy Revolution™ technologies making them the greenest residential buildings on the street.

The recently screeded plant room (seen above) will be home to a 20kW G-GEN™ combined heat and power (CHP) engine which supply the majority of the sites electrical needs and the heat created during the generation process will be captured and utilised within a small district heating system providing hot water and heating to the 32 apartments. The power and heating will be controlled by a building management system (BMS) with individual data loggers per apartment to report live energy data for landlord/tenant billing.

By generating power on-site, 100% of the energy is utilised, which if you compare with mains national grid energy; only 38% is utilised as up to 62% is wasted during the generation process or lost in transit from source to user. Furthermore, by harnessing the CHPs heat, greater carbon reductions are achieved making the site more sustainable and helping the UK towards it’s net-zero targets.

In addition to the CHP, the project will also include a full mechanical fit from the GET Installation and Maintenance (GET IM) team which includes new drainage, sanitary and new mains utility supplies (Water, Gas & Electricity) with hardwired sub meters. The gated premises will also feature two G-EVC™ electric vehicle chargers for residents with electric or hybrid electric vehicles, demonstrating the modern times we live in and the shift to limiting the effects of climate change.

The site’s claim to being the greenest in the area could be boosted further, with the site potentially becoming almost net-zero in terms of its heating and power. Director of GET IM, Paul McNamara explains…

“The equipment we install is proven to reduce carbon emissions and provide independence and price stability against unpredictable grid supplied energy. Fuelled by natural gas, the CHPs do an amazing job of cutting emissions, but the real magic starts when the CHPs are run on renewable green gas (biomethane) which can be sourced through us. The CHPs then become a virtual net-zero source of electricity and heat that is not affected by inconsistent weather conditions as with wind or solar generation.”


If you would like to join or find out more about The Energy Revolution™ and how it can benefit you and the environment please call, Tel. 024 7630 8830 or email