Published: 28 July 2022

New flue at Voco St John’s Solihull

To enable the stylish hotels upgrade to Energy Revolution™ equipment, the existing redundant boilers and plant equipment needed to be electrically isolated, de-commissioned, disconnected and removed from 2 plant rooms. Once removed, the plant rooms have been cleaned and prepared for the new plant to be delivered and installed.

With the location of the new CHP identified, the first phase included drilling core holes into the plant room at the site of the new combined heat & power genset, once drilled the high quality grade 316 stainless steel twin wall flues are carefully positioned and sealed into the wall.  The stainless steel flue then ascends the 3-storey building attached at equal center’s and completed with a high quality stainless steel cowl to prevent the ingress of water into the combined heat and power exhaust system.

Voco St John’s at Solihull will feature 3x 50kW Energy Revolution™ combined heat and power units which will generate electricity for the hotel on-site, replacing the majority of the hotel’s current grid demand. This will provide the hotel with protection from global volatile energy markets and prices and will also ensure the stylish hotels carbon footprint is reduced significantly, making it greener location for it’s guests.

As the CHPs generate power, heat (a by-product of the generation process) is created, captured and utilised by connecting into the hotel’s hot water system and will provide a continuous hot water supply across the hotel and leisure centre.

Visit our CHP page here to find out how they can help you claim independence from the grid and protection from volatile energy markets, or if you would like to join or find out more about The Energy Revolution™ and how it can benefit you and the environment please call, Tel. 024 7630 8830 or email