Measurement and Verification

qualify your sustainability with quantified energy & carbon reductions

Data Driven

Our G-M&V™ energy intelligence software detects real-time data giving you the power to unlock your full energy footprint and benefit from the most robust solution available. Monitoring, measuring and displaying data enables you to analyse variables that may positively or negatively affect your energy consumption.


G-M&V™ continuously records your energy consumption 24/7, 365 days a year and live streams the data into our measurement and verification software, so you can login and check what’s going on from anywhere where you have an internet connection. You’ll have an ultimate insight into your energy consumption and easily verify the success of your energy generation and conservation strategies.


G-M&V™ software expertly collects and displays consumption data so you can easily analyse against company benchmarks, previous periods or across multiple sites. And with the ability to quickly generate reports to provide your team with statistics and insight, as well as set live smart alerts to warn against approaching benchmarks/targets, you’ll have everything you need in one place.


G-M&V™ measurement and verification software monitors in real-time all meters, systems and buildings and delivers all of this data into simple graphical dashboards to identify immediate cost savings, develop profiles based on usage, easily recognise patterns to identify inefficiencies and set benchmarks – in line with KPI’s and targets for simple reporting and alarm configuration.

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