Published: 12 July 2021

Staycation Energy Centre

The newly formed staycation area of a UK theme park is taking shape with the recent addition of the reception building which will also be powered by The Energy Revolution™ energy centre situated next door. Offering 66 staycation units, the energy centre will be delivering greener power and heat to residents across the site with dramatically reduced carbon emissions compared against grid supplied energy.

Traditionally generated and renewable power transported across the national grid is only 38% efficient, meaning 68% on average is lost during transit or as heat into the atmosphere. On-site generation using combined heat and power utilises the normally lost heat from the generation process, and as the power is generated where it is consumed, transmission losses are next to zero, making it better for the environment.


The energy centre project consists of eco-friendly on-site power generation, a small district heating system and electric vehicle charging stations across the site which will be powered by 6 interconnected 50kW G-GEN™ engines and backed up with Solar PV and Battery Storage.

If you would like further information, advice for on-site energy, and join The Energy Revolution™, contact us on Tel. 024 7630 8830 or email