Published: 22 April 2021

The Energy Revolution™ Delivers at UK Theme Park

The Plant has arrived!

The Energy Revolution equipment consisting of 6 interconnected 50kW G-GEN™ combined heat and power (CHP) engines, 6 control units and 6 buffer tanks have started to be delivered at the UK Theme Park.


The equipment will arrive over a number of days and will be accurately positioned within the building to facilitate them being interconnected before they are finally unpackaged ready for the next phase of the project; assembly. Each G-GEN™ weighs in at 2,370 Kgs and measures 2,800mm long by 990mm wide and 1,600mm high.


The energy centre building will provide security and protection for the equipment for the next 15 years and beyond. This energy centre project consists of on-site power generation, a small district heating system and electric vehicle charging stations across the site which are powered by 6 interconnected 50kW G-GEN™ engines.