All organisations use energy – electricity and/or gas. With rising costs, growing economic and environmental uncertainty, plus increased public awareness of contributing global factors surrounding these issues; demand for a new approach to energy is growing.

The Energy Revolution™ specializes in reducing organisations carbon emissions and energy costs with guaranteed immediate and sustainable results.

Rethink how you use energy

The Energy Revolution™ analyses energy profiles and contracts to identify baseloads and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and demand from existing equipment and operations. With energy profiles scoped, correctly sized energy conservation and generation equipment are deployed to reduce or remove grid dependency.

Rethink what you pay for energy

Traditionally energy is purchased from suppliers, having to accept imposed fluctuations influenced by global social/economic factors and additional third-party charges. But what if you did not have to? The Energy Revolution™ provides guaranteed discounted prices that track market fluctuations and include the cost to deploy and operate your scheme. So, you receive budget certainty, protection from market variations and guaranteed carbon and cost savings from day one.

Rethink how you get energy

Traditional systems require the transportation of energy from the source, which could be from abroad or from the UK and includes nuclear and green generation such as hydro, solar or wind. Transportation impacts cost and effects carbon emissions with as much as 65% of this generated energy potentially lost in transportation. The Energy Revolution™ puts the source on-site with efficiencies up to 96%, which is a win for the environment, a win for your budget and a win for the grid.