Published: 19 October 2018

Creative Freight switch to G-LED™

Creative choose G-LED™ lighting for their new home at Fillongley.

When Creative Freight moved into their new premises in Fillongley, Warwickshire, they wanted a new energy-efficient start and were introduced to GET Solutions to help find a lighting solution. The biggest challenge, was the window of opportunity to obtain and install the equipment, as the company had won an order on the proviso that the existing lighting was upgraded to comply with current lighting standards.

This provided a unique challenge and GET Solutions had to move quickly as there was only a matter of weeks to complete the project. Firstly GET Solutions provided a detailed site survey and analysis and identified the types and quantities of LED luminaires that would be needed to meet current regulation.

With the LED equipment specified, GET Solutions utilised their G-FUND™ which enabled Creative Hire to purchase the energy-saving lighting without the need of any capital investment. This unique funding allowed the Company to remain cash positive and start saving from day one. Once the funding had been approved, the logistical challenge of getting 115 specialist fittings and installation teams to site within a week was the next challenge, this was achieved and the installation was completed on-time allowing Creative Hire to start operations and receive their first shipment of goods.

Creative Hire saved in excess of 74,ooo kWh per annum and with an expected lifespan of over 13 years, the company is well-positioned against future electricity market rises.