Published: 2 November 2019

Dance Studio illuminates savings with G-LED™

70% savings with G-LED and brighter studio for pupils

A dance academy based in Hinckley in Leicestershire was fed up with increasing energy bills and wanted to reduce costs. Also high on their agenda, was to improve the aesthetics at the dance studios, as they wanted the building to be brighter and more welcoming.

After completing a detailed survey, GET Solutions were able to identify the operating and maintenance cost of the academies existing light infrastructure and then using their expertise with over 16 years in the energy industry, project the future operational costs of the current lighting equipment in comparison with energy-efficient LED lighting.

The results were compelling, a 70% reduction in lighting operational costs and additional maintenance savings meant the school of dance could upgrade their lighting with the savings that would be generated from the reduction in kWh. Furthermore, this reduction in power, plus the savings in maintenance costs meant the school could upgrade, pay for the install and pocket savings each year.