Published: 13 December 2019

Holiday Inn: Hull, Marina

This 4.5 star reviewed Holiday Inn has joined The Energy Revolution™ with an installation of a G-GEN™ combined power and heat engine.

In doing so, the hotel is reducing its carbon emissions, energy costs and dependency on the National Grid which will provide more stability against energy markets that are influenced by global, political and socio-economic factors.

The hotel is utilising a G-GEN™ 50 engine to generate their electricity on-site and capitalise from the heat that is released from this generation process. The engine has generated 174,268 kWh’s of electricity & 317,800 not’s of heat in a six month period. Additionally, the hotel will benefit from a reduction in its carbon emission by a staggering 79 tonnes per year.

The plant room at Hull had limited space which provided a challenge for the installation team. The G-GEN™ was to replace several ageing boilers which once they had all been removed, provided enough space for the new G-GEN™ to be fitted. But as the hotel operates 24/7, there is a constant demand for hot water, and in order to meet this demand during the installation works, the site was left operating on one boiler. The install was expedited to minimise any interruption to service and was completed without any issues, the G-GEN™ was soon operational without disruption to the hotel or its guests.

The G-GEN™ 50 was built in the factory and test run, before being disassembled, delivered and re-built on-site in the hotel’s compact plant room. By utilising the innovative G-FUND™ finance mechanism, the hotel can benefit immediately from the great savings in energy costs, safe in the knowledge they have done their bit to fulfil their green responsibility and support the fight against climate change.