Published: 18 January 2019

Playbox Theatre saves kWh’s with G-LED™

Playbox Theatre upgrades to energy-efficient G-LED™ lighting.

Acclaimed as the best ‘The best Children’s and Young People’s theatre in the world, The Playbox Theatre in Warwick wished to upgrade their existing lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting to help reduce costs but also to help achieve their sustainability aims.

GET Solutions reduced the power consumed at Plaxbox by over 25,000 kWh’s a year by installing high-quality LED lighting and in doing so also reducing their carbon footprint, by saving the equivalent of one and a half double-decker buses a year in carbon.

GET Solutions also arranged for the Theatre to receive the Carbon Trust’s ‘Green Business Fund’ grant which ended in December 2019 but saved the Theatre £2,800 off the cost of the project.