Published: 9 November 2020

Eastleigh’s Twin CHP’s Fire into life

Twin G-GEN™ 50kW plus CHP engines have fired into life in Eastleigh.

The busy Holiday Inn at Eastleigh has joined the Energy Revolution with the installation of twin 50kW plus CHP engines which will utilise mains gas to generate electricity which will replace the hotels’ baseload that would otherwise have come from the mains grid. Additionally, the heat produced by the CHP engine (a by-product of the generation process) will feed directly into the Hotel’s LTHW system.

Director of Energy Services Paul Hale who has overseen the project said “I’m delighted to see these engines operational. It’s heartwarming to know that not only are these two engines lowering this hotels CO2 emissions and ultimately contributing to the UK’s net zero target, but they will also be generating sustainable savings for the hotel, delivering off-grid electricity and heat for 15 years. In particular the G-GEN 50 plus models boast higher efficiencies for the benefit of our clients and the environment.

Up to 65% of all mains power is lost during transportation. When power is generated on-site through a G-GEN™ CHP engine this waste is immediately eradicated, making the engine more efficient than mains power before the benefit of the heat. Furthermore, when combined with a biomethane gas supply, then the humble G-GEN™ CHP becomes one of the most efficient, and environmentally friendly sources of heat and power available, next to solar. However, taking into account output vs size and cost, then G-GEN™ CHP’s probably take the top spot.