Published: 7 January 2019

Four star hotel joins our Energy Revolution

Four star hotel joins The Energy Revolution

A contemporary boutique Hotel & Spa in the south-west has become one of the first organisations to join our energy revolution and take control of their energy consumption through the use of on-site generation.

On-site generation otherwise known as co-generation is the process of generating power locally and utilising the waste heat produced by the generation process.

Generating power on-site is not only cheaper than buying power from the grid, but it is more efficient as well, as there are no transmission losses due to the transportation of energy from a remote power station to the site drawing power.

The hotel will now utilise 89% of the power that is generated to supply the hotel, compared with the previous traditional supply from the grid which can see up to 62% losses in transit, therefore only 38% efficient.

This increased efficiency significantly reduces the carbon footprint for the hotel and reduces CO2 by an estimated 184 tonnes per year. Additionally, the on-site generation provides their business model with more resilience from energy market fluctuations and ever-increasing third party costs.

GET Solutions provide these projects on a cost-neutral basis with the client achieving annual returns, which makes the project not only a sound business decision but also the ethical way to source your energy supply.

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