Published: 18 November 2021

GET Installation & Maintenance at St Georges Square

GET Installation & Maintenance (GET IM) has successfully completed a full service and maintenance project on a four-pipe fan coil unit (FCU) HVAC system at St Georges Square in Bristol.

A four-pipe FCA consists of a fan, chilled water-cooling coil, hot water-heating coil, and air filter. Four-pipe FCUs provide conditioned air to areas served by recirculating space air through the coils and can provide dehumidification of the area served. Four-pipe FCUs can also mix both unconditioned outdoor ventilation air or conditioned outdoor ventilation air with the recirculated space air; this allows for various outdoor ventilation air delivery and conditioning options.


GET Installation & Maintenance

The full service and maintenance regime included the replacement of filters, valves, flushing and dosing the system, whilst adding new controls to ensure they operate at maximum performance and efficiency.

The four-pipe FCU system is cost-effective from a chilled water and heating water pumping perspective. Because the unit transfers heat to the space using forced convection, the coil heat transfer area required is reduced when compared to a chilled beam, which transfers heat to the space using primarily natural convection. The reduction in coil heat transfer surface area results in lower coil water side pressure drop, therefore lower pumping energy. Forced convection heat transfer also yields higher water side delta-T which also results in lower pumping energy.

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