Published: 11 February 2021

Leicester Hotel begins its Energy Revolution Journey

The city-centre Holiday Inn hotel on St Nicholas Circle in Leicester has joined the energy revolution with the installation of two 50kW G-GEN™ combined heat and power engines.

The hotel offers spacious rooms, a gym, bar, restaurant and a swimming pool which will all benefit from the electricity that is now being generated on-site.

Since the two engines have fired up, this busy hotel has been benefiting from significantly lowered carbon emissions and a drastic reduction in operational overheads. The two engines are now running optimally delivering an impressive 100kWhs of power and 240kWhs of heat every hour.

The G-GEN™ CHP engines generate electricity which will replace the hotels’ baseload that would otherwise have come from the mains grid. Additionally, the heat produced by the CHP engine (a by-product of the generation process) will feed directly into the Hotel’s LTHW system.