Published: 19 August 2021

The Energy Revolution™ – Powering Staycation Phase 2

As the utility and groundworks section of phase 1 for the development of 66 staycation units is nearing completion with the kerbs and drainage being installed, phase 2 is well underway with the trenches and underground services being laid.

The trenches and underground services make it possible for all electrical cables, and the district heating network to be installed below ground level and discretely deliver heat and power to each of the luxury staycations units enabling families to relax in comfort after a day on the theme park.

The power and heat is generated on-site at The Energy Revolution™ energy centre which produces power up to 68% more efficiently than grid supplied energy. The by-product of this electricity generation process (heat) is then utilised and distributed across the district heating network providing hot water and heat to each unit. The energy centre is backed up with Solar PV and Battery Storage to assist with peak demand and ensure the continuation of supply to the units and electric vehicle charging stations.

Power distributed across the national grid is incredibly in-efficient, with only 38% of the total generated electricity being used as the rest is lost in transit or as heat into the atmosphere.

On-site generation using combined heat and power however, utilises the normally lost heat from the generation process, and as the power is generated where it is consumed, transmission losses are next to zero, making it much better option for the environment.

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