Published: 10 November 2020

Preparatory Water Treatment Works Start

Preparatory work has commenced at Holiday Inn Fareham ahead of the delivery of Energy Revolution plant equipment.

The Holiday Inn Fareham will shortly receive 2x 50kW G-GEN™ combined heat and power engines which will reduce the hotels carbon emissions and operational costs. Before the engines can be installed, a water quality test was conducted to detect levels of system contaminants and biofilms.

Test results identified high levels of under-deposit corrosion within the LTHW system along with other system contaminants. As work began to add specialist commercial de-sludger and cleaning fluids, the GET Installation & Maintenance team identified a section of pipework that needed replacing that was feeding the existing CHP unit.

The cause was a faulty valve which was leaking from the eye gland and run inside the pipework’s insulation making it undiscoverable to the hotel’s maintenance team.

The GET-IM team had to work quickly to drain the hotels hot water system and switch of the boilers and pumps so that they could strip out the corroded pipework. An emergency welding team then repaired the header and removed all corrosion to allow a new connection to be made and a valve fitted.

Once completed the system was re-filled and the specialist commercial cleaners applied, before the system was vented and all appliances restarted, only leaving the hotel without hot water for a few hours.