G-EVC™ is a series of charging solutions for cars that are propelled by use of an electric motor.

Although electric vehicles were first invented in 1828, it wasn’t until 1839 that the first rechargeable electric powered car was presented to the International Electrical Congress in Paris. But from 2008 a renaissance in electric vehicle manufacturing occurred due to advances in batteries, and a global desire to reduce greenhouse emissions and improve urban air quality.


Electrically powered vehicles have several benefits over conventional internal combustion engines (ICE) vehicles which include a substantial reduction in air pollution, as they do not directly emit pollutants such as soot, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead and various oxides of nitrogen.

Instead emissions are transferred to the source of the electricity used to charge the vehicle which vary by region and the type of generation used, but this is less harmful than fossil fuels which cause further damage to the environment due to the extraction and refinement process.


Although electricity costs have consistently risen over the past decades and are forecasted to continue to rise, the cost to power a vehicle with electricity is still cheaper than the use of fossil fuels.

When utilised with additional Energy Revolution™ technologies, such as G-GEN™, G-SOL™& G-STOR™ your independently and locally generated electricity is significantly cheaper and more efficient than grid supplied energy.


Your time is valuable, so charging while you work or rest with G-EVC™ stations, means your vehicle is ready for you to simply jump in and go, and saves you from endless queues to fill up and pay at service stations. Our range and expertise allow us to specify the optimum solution to provide the power you need, when you need it, either cost neutrally or at a cost that suits your organisation.


Our fast charging solutions work perfectly for those on the go and are ideal for busy locations or sites that have short stay visitors, with solutions to deliver charges in minutes or hours. But rapid isn’t always best, so correct identification of your charging requirement is paramount in order to optimise your charging installation for current and future use.

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