Published: 5 November 2021

Solar Installation at Energy Centre

Stylish Solar Power by The Energy Revolution™

The Energy Centre at a UK theme park’s primary purpose is to supply green energy to the site that is independent from the mains national grid. This lowers the sites carbon emissions and provides security of supply and energy price protection.

To provide instant power and stability of supply, 42 solar panels will be utilised in conjunction with a battery storage system whilst being interconnected with 4 x 50kWe G-GEN combined heat and power (CHP) engines.

G-SOL Solar Panels

G-SOL Solar Panels

The solar photovoltaic panels will convert sunlight into free electricity which will then primarily be used to charge G-STORE batteries through the Multi-cluster panel  within The Energy Centre. The Solar generated and battery stored energy will provide instant power at key times to ensure the stability of supply at peak demand periods and to maximise the reduction of carbon emissions and costs for the site.

Energy Centre Build - Solar Panels

Energy Centre Build – Solar Panels

The stylish black solar panels are roof mounted on the southern side of the The Energy Centre to capture and convert as much light as possible for their lifetime which is anticipated to be 20 years and beyond. This energy centre project consists of on-site power generation, a small district heating system and electric vehicle charging stations across the site which are powered by 6 interconnected 50kW G-GEN™ engines and G-SOL solar panels.