Published: 1 February 2024

Testimonial – Willerby Limited

Founded more than 75 years ago, Willerby Limited have an unrivalled reputation for quality, design and innovation. Willerby Limited pride themselves on their attention to detail and their highly skilled and dedicated team who are passionate about creating superior living spaces for their customers. Willerby Limited operate from a 80-acre site in Hull, employ almost 1,150 staff and produce more than 7,000 holiday homes every year. They are a pioneering company and also have showgrounds in Hull, Southport and Livingston, Scotland.

Their 75th anniversary year in 2021 was one of incredible growth and success, crowned by Willerby Limited being named Manufacturer of the Year in the highly prestigious Yorkshire Post Excellence Awards. Judges in the awards, which are among the most celebrated of their kind in the North of England, said they “set a gold standard for excellence” within the industry.

We were introduced to GET Solutions in the summer of 2022. Due to the energy crisis, we were facing a massive increase in our annual spend and our current consultant could not offer us a solution to mitigate our increased costs. We were facing an increase to our annual budgets of over £4m and needed urgent expert advice. Initially, we were sceptical as, historically, we’ve always chosen a fully fixed contract and the idea of going into energy baskets made us feel rather apprehensive. Trust was generated quickly through the comprehensive information supplied, the transparent process, and meetings with GET Solutions’ specialist energy team. Thanks to their industry knowledge and expertise, our procurement options were made very clear. We had not realised that so many different options were available to us! 

We could not be happier with how our contract is working for us; compared to the fixed contract we were previously offered, we are looking at a potential saving of over £3m in the first year and have two more years to come. I cannot speak highly enough of what Victor and the team at Get Solutions have done to help us through these difficult times. I have no hesitation in recommending Get Solutions as an outstanding energy partner, it is not surprising they are established market leaders in their field of expertise.

John Matthews – Head of Procurement, Logistics and Warehousing

Get Solutions have been offering consultancy for over twenty years, dealt with over 42,000 supply points and managed over 2TWh of Energy. We have relationships with all energy suppliers in the industry and a wealth of knowledge regarding services and support. Having a global presence from The UK to Australia dedicated to driving Cost savings and Carbon reductions.

We offer end to end solutions from initial meetings to investigate client requirements, how you work, what has worked well for you in the past, what you like, your appetite for risk and products/ suppliers you may like or not as may be the case. Based upon the initial investigation we can put together a full solution regarding services and products which will fit your requirement.

  • Account Management: Dedicated management with direct dial and email to help with any requirement regarding your energy. We are here to help, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, we will liaise directly with suppliers taking the hassle out of you having to spend time dealing with any issues or queries you may have.
  • Support: Bill validation / reporting, query handling,  Data management, change of occupancy, change of tenancy, siteworks, new connections.
  • Services: Energy management, AMR, CRC, ESOS ( certifications & reporting), cost reductions ( AQ / EAC appeals , SOQ / KVA reductions ), REGO solutions.
  • Procurement: Weekly, monthly, and ad hoc meetings, reports and phone calls for procurement advice (Buying and selling). Understanding market fundamentals regarding market drives , historical data and future events like maintenance periods and Geopolitical influences. Understanding of all suppliers, how they work, products, what they do well at and risks to be aware of. All supported with our Monthly Energy hub reports
  • Energy Monitoring: Using our bespoke software, customers can track demand and profile changes across their Energy Portfolio and receive bespoke reporting and alerts from a range of options.

As an energy trading company, GET Solutions (UK) Ltd has been actively brokering energy supply contracts for businesses across the UK and Europe, for over 20 years. So why wait, get in contact today and gain the same cost savings that Willerby’s have. If you’d like further information and to be part of our baskets then please don’t hesitate, all it takes is one phone call and start saving today. Contact