Published: 26 November 2020

The Energy Revolution™ Arrives in Fareham

The Holiday Inn at Fareham receives delivery of twin 50 kW G-GEN™ plus CHP’s.

The bustling Holiday Inn at Fareham started their energy revolution with the delivery and installation of twin 50kW plus CHP engines. Due to the location of the installation area and the hotel’s footprint, the equipment needed to be carefully lowered into position using specialist lifting equipment.

Once in situation, the GET-IM™ Installation & Maintenance team instigated the connection of the modular components and fitted the G-GEN™ sound suppression to the combined heat and power engines. The schedule of works for the day was carefully coordinated to also allow delivery and installation of a bespoke GRP housing which is required to protect and secure the engines.

These engines will use mains gas to generate electricity, thus replacing the hotels’ baseload that would otherwise have come from the mains grid. Additionally, the heat produced by the CHP engine (a by-product of the generation process) will feed directly into the Hotel’s LTHW system.

Up to 65% of all mains power is lost during transportation. When power is generated on-site through a G-GEN™ CHP engine this waste is immediately eradicated, making the engine more efficient than mains power before the benefit of the heat. Furthermore, when combined with a biomethane gas supply, then the humble G-GEN™ CHP becomes one of the most efficient, and environmentally friendly sources of heat and power available, next to solar. However, taking into account output vs size and cost, then G-GEN™ CHP’s probably take the top spot.