Published: 6 June 2021

The Energy Revolution™ Underground Ducting Installation


The Energy Revolution™ energy centre at a UK theme park has taken delivery of thousands of metres of High Density Polyethylene Twin Wall Ducting. The ducting has a ribbed outer surface to provide flexibility during storage and installation in addition to a smooth internal surface to permit power/electrical cables to be pulled through with ease without snagging. This underground ducting is the most common way to protect pipes and cables from underground movement and alerts future contractors to the presence of pipes or cables.


A network of underground trenches have been excavated to allow the ducting and utility pipework to connect each of the 66 staycation units to the energy centre which consists of on-site power generation, a small district heating system and electric vehicle charging stations across the site which are powered by 6 interconnected 50kW G-GEN™ engines.