Published: 24 November 2021

Energy Revolution Installation at Alexandra Gate

Energy Revolution™ plant equipment is being installed at Alexandra Gate Business Park by GET Installation & Maintenance team. The equipment consisting of a 20kW combined heat and power engine, high efficiency boiler systems along with new heating pumps will provide the building with the majority of its electrical requirement and provide sufficient heat for the buildings hot water requirements.

The compact 20kW CHP is powered by natural gas just like a traditional boiler, however that is where any similarity ends. The smart engine can easily be installed in tight plant rooms and generates electricity on-site which replaces a properties power demand from the national grid.

Typically grid energy is up to 66% inefficient due to losses in generation, transmission and distribution across the grid. A CHP utilises 100% of the energy generated with little or no losses, and the heat from the generation is harvested and used to heat water which is then fed into a buildings hot water system.

The CHP will generate circa 160,000 kWhs of electricity and 177,000 kWth of heat per annum for the offices which also includes a cafeteria, board room and meeting rooms.

The scheme is delivered by our innovative ‘own the solution not the equipment’ funding mechanism specifically tailored for Energy Revolution projects which pays for plant, installation and operation, and allows the client to capitalise on the carbon reduction and energy cost savings without any capital expenditure.

If you would like to join or find out more about The Energy Revolution™ and how it can benefit you and the environment please call, Tel. 024 7630 8830 or email