Published: 7 January 2021

New Gas line for Aylesbury’s Holiday Inn

New Mains Gas Line Installed

GET-IM has successfully completed the addition of a new mains gas line at the Holiday Inn at Aylesbury.

The new gas line runs from the mains network to the plant room and connects to the newly installed CHPs located at the rear of the hotel. A channel was required to be excavated in which to lay the new pipework, and special precautions were taken to avoid existing buried infrastructure.

After the discovery of buried heating pipework and infrastructure (as is often common with existing buildings) the new works were required to be re-routed and the new high-quality stainless-steel pipework to be laid with minimum disruption to the hotel and guests.

The pipework was inspected and connected and soon after the G-GEN CHPs were switched onto the new dedicated supply from GET Solutions.

Forming part of the Energy Revolution products and services, new gas lines provide a dedicated supply of gas to Energy Revolution plant and equipment.

The benefits of having a dedicated gas line includes:
• Guaranteed supply of gas for the lifetime of the CHP equipment
• Assured gas prices for the project lifetime
• Additional resilience
• Integrity of supply
• Avoidance of incumbent gas infrastructure and pressure issues
• Dedicated plant metering
• Ability to switch to renewable green gas