Published: 15 June 2021

On-site generation key net zero tactic for businesses – The Energy Revolution™

Research reveals 50% of businesses will invest in on-site generation…

Despite a challenging economic climate, a  recent report has revealed that 50% of businesses are planning to invest in on-site generation as part of their decarbonisation strategies.

On-site generation

On-site technologies include Solar, Combined Heat & Power, Biomas and Wind, however, Biomas was the least favourite. Also identified was Batteries and Energy Storage as well as Air/Ground Source Heating or even a combination of technologies.

The report identified two main barriers for businesses to invest in on-site generation included: return on investment and access to funding, both of which are primary objectives of The Energy Revolution™.

The report also highlighted that businesses recognised that the main benefits of on-site generation are, reduced emissions, reduced energy invoices, stability of supply and the ability to integrate into other low-carbon technologies.

Anthony Ainsworth CEO of Industrial and Commercial Energy Sales & Solutions at EON UK and Npower Business Solutions said:
“For us, on-site generation should be one of the key considerations for organisations when they are planning their carbon reduction strategies. Our research tells us that while many businesses are willing to invest, there needs to be more support to give them the confidence to do so.”

Alan Dodd CEO of GET Solutions “The purpose of the Energy Revolution™ is to provide this support and confidence to businesses and organisations alike. It removes barriers whilst delivering and operating on-site generation technologies providing customers with all the benefits detailed above but without any capital investment.



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